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Diversity & Inclusion Statement

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Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce's Values

The Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce (GNHCC) is committed to representing a population diverse in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and disability by providing opportunities for growth and advancement for all businesses. We respect the culturally rich communities within the Greater New Haven region where we work, live, and conduct business. The Chamber is committed to ensuring its members, governing body, and staff reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

The Chamber’s legislative priorities, programs, and services reflect the region’s diverse marketplace and the business professionals it serves. We support Black, BIPOC, minority, women, LGBTQIA+, and disability-owned/operated businesses through intentional inclusion and collaboration with businesses and community leaders. The Chamber’s work focuses on achieving economic parity, equity, and ending systemic racial, LGBTQIA+, and disability biases.

GNHCC’S Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals

  • Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk of Inclusive Growth.
  • Create a unified and consistent culture of inclusion between all GNHCC members ensuring
    all feel welcome.
  • Promote ongoing internal & Chamber-wide diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) training.
  • Speak out against systemic racism, biases, barriers, and policies that disenfranchise and
    marginalize people and communities of color and prevent Black and BIPOC-owned businesses from
    reaching their full economic potential.
  • Promote disability-owned businesses and the employment of people with disabilities while
    speaking out against employment barriers that exclude people with disabilities.
  • Promote LGBTQIA+-owned businesses and the employment of LGBTQIA+ individuals while
    speaking out against employment barriers that exclude LGBTQIA+ individuals.
  • Build alliances and support other groups that promote economic inclusion.
  • Develop programs and partnerships for diverse business owners and professionals to grow
    and thrive economically.
  • Partner and develop legislative goals that promote business and economic access.

The Chamber's Continued Work

A. Diverse Board of Directors and Administrative Team

B. Supporting Inclusive Economic Growth

  • Build partnerships – Establish relationships with organizations already embedded in diverse communities
  • Support minority-owned businesses – Through Chamber staff and the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council
  • Provide access, connections, and resources for diverse businesses
  • Direct outreach in diverse business districts across New Haven
  • Develop procurement initiatives with anchor companies and partner organizations

Inclusive Growth Coordinator:

To make real change and achieve inclusive growth in the community, the Chamber must use its platform to be an advocate and take coordinated action to promote economic access. The Inclusive Growth Coordinator provides an opportunity for the Chamber to be an active partner with community-based organizations in the city and region while also coordinating new opportunities for inclusive initiatives. The Inclusive Growth Coordinator ensures the Chamber continues making investments in BIPOC-owned businesses. The Inclusive Growth Coordinator will also ensure special attention is paid toward capacity building while maintaining an emphasis on expanding access and opportunity. The Inclusive Growth Coordinator will work to promote the State’s own procurement efforts to support a diverse supplier base. This includes:
  • Creating additional programs to improve access to capital and development resources for BIPOC-owned businesses
  • Ensuring economic growth is occurring at the same pace in minority communities by directly investing in businesses in
    economically distressed areas
  • Increasing supplier diversity programs within the State to promote economic opportunity

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council:

The GNHCC recognizes the region’s value, strength, and competitive edge within its diverse communities. The role of the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council is to assist its business partners in serving its wide-ranging customer base, hence increasing economic success for all. The GNHCC champions access and equity of opportunity through the intentional inclusion of all its members and business partners.


Monthly Inclusive Business Spotlight in the Chamber’s email newsletter highlighting Black, BIPOC, minority, women, LGBTQIA+, disabled, and veteran-owned businesses. This digital advertisement promotes diverse businesses, encouraging members to do business with each other. Diverse businesses are also published in the Chamber’s BIPOC and Diverse Business Enterprises Directory, which provides a central location of diverse businesses on the GNHCC website.